Flat Rate - Local calling from Jail

There  are many reasons why someone may be in jail.
The extremely high cost of collect calls either puts you in big debt or
worse, prevents you from hearing from your loved ones

How it Works

A loved one in jail

Having a loved one in jail is not easy.  The high cost of collect calls is putting you in debt... or limiting your calls and talk time.

No collect calls

More and more phone companies are not accepting or allowing collect calls. Those that do, charge extremely high connection and per minute rates.

Local numbers

Jail Call provides you with a phone number, local to your loved one.  They simply call a local number to reach you.  

No collect calls, no per minute charges.

Unlimited talk

With Jail Call, there are no connection fees and no per minute rates.  You simply pay a flat rate per month for unlimited talk*.

* Caller may be required to pay a local call charge.


> A simple one flat rate per month pricing plan. <

- Your Jail Call plan includes, free:
          • Local Canada or United States phone number (local to the jail)
          • CallerID Name (where available)
          • CallerID Number
          • Call Blacklist

          • Call Forward (to a single number, within Canada or the USA)
          • Call Waiting (receive up to 2 concurrent calls)
          • Do Not Disturb
          • Follow Me (forward to multiple numbers within Canada and the USA)
          • No Contract (cancel anytime)
          • User Portal (manage your account and change forwarding online)

- No collect call charges and no per minute fees!

Unlimited Talk: $ 7.11 /month

Did you know?


million people in US jails

The United States prison system holds more than 2.3 million people across their more than 1700 prisons*.

*source: Wikipedia


thousand adults in Canadian jails

There are over 40 thousands adults held in more than 200 Canadian federal and provincial prisons*.

*source: Wikipedia


cents /minute

The average rate for a collect call from US prisons is $0.22 /minute*.  Some 3rd party collect call services charge more.

*source: PrisonPolicy.org


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